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WOW!  This is a HUGE collection, now with over 400 cartoons about research and IRBs, as made famous by an independent IRB’s yearly calendar.  A spin-off of this calendar, the “Wretched Mess” newsletter (based on the acronym for Workplace Research Ethics Through Cartoons & Humorous Education), has added dozens more features. 

The entertaining result is like a MAD magazine of research and IRBs, but with hundreds of serious educational messages, and a CD INDEXED BY TOPIC so you can use the cartoons in your otherwise dull and listless presentations!

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The cartoons and text are delivered as a 200+ page PDF e-book on a CD which also comes with over 400 JPEG image files with limited reproduction rights that allow use in non-commercial research presentations, publications, or educational materials.

BONUS CARTOONS:  The CD also contains dozens of new clip art images in black & white and

BONUS CALENDAR: Seasonal or page-a-day calendars in electronic format, at the cartoonist's discretion.
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